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Case Study 1WorldSync: Public Relations – Redefining an Industry Leader

STRATEGY. The leading multi-enterprise product information network provider, 1WorldSync, was in the midst of a major transition in the company’s positioning and business objectives. The product of a merger, the company was embarking on a new line of business that would catapult it to the next growth phase. Unfortunately, the company suffered from an identity crisis—everyone who was anyone in the industry knew who they were, but they all aligned their perception with the GDSN standard. GDSN was a core component of the organization, but the company was evolving its product and service offering well beyond just the GDSN catalog. Enter Wilkinson + Associates (W+A). Our team had previous experience with 1WS’ chief strategy office and he knew W+A had the industry knowledge to help guide 1WS through its evolution. Initially, W+A did a comprehensive competitive messaging review to evaluate how 1WS’ competitors were perceived in the market and what messaging they were deploying to their audiences.

Utilizing the data gathered in this exercise and conducting meetings with 1WS executives, W+A developed a Message Map and updated positioning documents on which the communications campaign would be based. With these materials as our foundation, W+A implemented a comprehensive PR campaign focused on educating the market on 1WS’ new positioning.

RESULTS. 1WS’ PR campaign continues to be a great success. Since the program was implemented, W+A has developed the materials on which to build the campaign, defined and measured success, integrated positioning into all news releases and media communication, developed relationships for 1WS executives with key trade media, placed bylined articles and secured speaking slots.

  • Initially, quantity and quality of media coverage of 1WS increased nearly 100 percent, including proactively placed news articles and case studies—current program is on target to increase coverage by more than 500 percent
  • Perception of 1WS as simply a GDSN provider has evolved through repetitive messaging and article placement
  • Increased volume of press releases and strategic inclusion in partner announcements
  • Engaged leading global customers in outreach efforts to further strengthen 1WS market positioning and communicate updated identity
  • Secured major thought leadership placements in key industry publications